Fundraising & Development for Newbies

Are you a young professional interested in a career in nonprofits but not sure where to start? Welcome to a resource designed for you. Learn the basics to help you succeed with tools that help you grow.

Stay Informed to Move Forward

What if you were the one who suggested a new method of soliciting gifts? What if you were the one who developed a fundraising campaign or event that turned your … Continue reading

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Useful Software Video Tutorials

Get familiar with databases and watch these videos to get a basic idea of what programs nonprofits use. Plus, you can always refer to these tutorials when you get stuck … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade

1. Network All Day Every Day You never know who you will meet at events, dinners, luncheons, workshops, exhibitions, etc. As a future development officer or fundraiser you should always … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Fundraising Events

With help from The Fundraising Authority, among others, I will try to describe the basic do’s and the often disregarded don’ts of planning fundraising events. From the information I have … Continue reading

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Nervous About Phone Interviews?

Don’t be.  Alright, you can be nervous but only with the good kind of anxiety that helps you get ready for a presentation, competition or even a first date. You … Continue reading

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Point-And-Click Charity

Times are definitely changing. Online donations increased by 14% in 2012 to bring online charitable giving to $2.1 billion. Not bad, right? And people tend to give more money online … Continue reading

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Fundraising Basics

How Get Away From The Copy Machine When you start a new job in an entry level position, let’s face it, you are going to get busy work and all … Continue reading

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